Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What everyone is talking about...

OK, so lets play a guessing game? I am going to give you some clues and see if you can guess what the hot topic is currently in my apartment...

1) We are an apartment of 4 single, girls currently living in Provo, Utah.
2) We are an apartment of 4 single, girls currently seeking company of gentlemen in Provo, Utah (desperately seeking...)
3) We are all very painfully aware of the holiday coming up in this wintery month of February.

SO if you can piece that all together...the NUMBER 1 topic for my apartment is currently the predicament of Valentines day. YIKEs, like double-yikes, like triple-YIKES. In other words, I am just looking at Valentines like it's a yikes-day all around.

Why is it that this one particular day messes with us all so much? And by us I mean, women. Truly, its like the ultimate slap in a girls face if you spend Valentines out with a bunch of girls having one of those "anti-valentine" girl-dates that are suppose to make you feel validated, but really just make you feel like you are walking around with the title "step-sister from planet weird" labeled across your forehead....but I am wondering if Valentines even means that much to all the young men here in Provo? or even all the land? Is it bad if I am not too concerned about my who will be my Valentine? Really all I want is those raspberry flavored Hersey Kisses that I walk pass everyday in the student-store on campus...Just sayin...

Welp, this is how some of us girls are looking to attract mates for this womanly holiday...
Here is Emily showing her best dining qualities...an impeccable dinner date to be sure on Valentines!(also she might kill me for putting this photo up...so the world knows, she posed like this for comedy purposes, she really is adorable and looks more like this: )

This here is Madels showing her more playful side! She is obviously one to have a night in the city with..or da club...whatever you prefer! 
And here I am, shaving my legs, in my kitchen sink, in my pjs...I might not be as qualified as these other ladies, but at least I tried this month, I actually got up the nerve to shave (which sadly a true statement, hate it!) and then cut my legs twice which now have 2 Hello Kitty bandaids over them.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Just another Monday

So just a quick recap from the weekend:

Friday: I went to Mountain West Burrito, which to those of you in Provo still going to Cafe Rio (aka Cafe Fat-Butt) STOP!!!!! Mountain West may be the most delicious food EEEVER. I highly recommend the roasted veggie salad, its amazing. I pay homage to the Joe (owner of MWB).
Then we went to a dance party...yeah Provo never changes...ever. But I love to dance, so its all good!

Saturday: After waking up on the couch with Emily sleeping on the other, I realized that staying up watching Gossip Girl season one until 4 am was not my finest choice. But still fun. That night was the long awaited Matt Costa concert here at good ole'BYU. I have been waiting for this since they announced it, 2 weeks ago. I love me some Matt Costa, and to prove I was there here is this:

Here is people! Matt Costa himself. And look! He is blinking...aaawwww he is a real human! Bah Just Kidding, Just Kidding. But really, he is acoustically supreme. Then I might have spent the rest of the night eating pizza at midnight with friends and watching Oliver and Company. Remember that? Gooood times. 

Any-who, monday was slower then ever, but I did enjoy the snow on my walk home. Its beautiful here in Provo. I loved the white capped mountains and white trees. 

By the way, found this little gem from the last weekend of my youth...This is after the mess of the paint party when Madels and I tried to wash just our hair in the tub to make sure my hair did not stay a lovely, troll snot green. So aren't we just the cutest shampoo darlings?? or maybe not... I think this was taken at a fresh 3 am in the morning...SO YIKES. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Its OK Friday

Well I must say, I wish every week was a short week. School Tuesday through Friday is a wonderful thing. I spent my last night before starting my weekend by drinking a slushie and divulging in a little Gossip Girl...I know, my culture and intelligence does diminish slightly by my admitting this, but its true, I have recently started watching season 1 of GG. But do not worry, I did some of my Italian studying before hand soo, VA BENE! OVVIAMENTE! But here are some things I am ok with this weekend:

Its ok if you decide to be BOLD and text someone, but then wish you could immediately swallow back your text from the cyber universe and crawl under your covers, wishing you had never come out...AKA I did that yesterday...OUCH CHARLIE!

Its ok if your idea of therapy is going to Target, really, that is therapeutic! Snark not until you give it a whirl, something about digging through that dollar section or buying one more bottle of nail varnish really gets my mind off the silly troubles of life. So, thank you Target. 

Finally, Its ok if your idea of the weekend is the ability to watch movies guilt free of "wasting time". I realize as a young, able, college student I should be going out and being social or embracing the dreaded dating scene of Provo...It is quite awkward sometimes...but sometimes on the weekend you just got to lay. This weekend I will probably be watching this: 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tune-age Thursday

Want to know whats been a-buzzing through my headphones? Well check it my friends, A little hollar at all my girls:

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I am 20. EEK!

Let us start with the events of my last weekend as a teenager shall we. Lets just say i started the night as a teenage dream...and then ended like this:

This was no regular dancing weekend for me. It obviously involved some trampling and paint, which might I add kind of looks like troll snot in my hair? ew. But glad i was able to spend it with my two favorite people- Madels and Emlin. 

My two roomies Lauren and Chelsea threw me a great bash at our place. They asked what flavor I wanted and I said, Strawberry Lemonade. SO they did. A strawberry lemonade cake, cupcakes and drink. NOt to mention the table was set up soooooooooo adorable! They even took time to stick my goodies on Art History textbooks, my Favorite! There was lots of dancing, eating, giggles and fun. Turning 20 was maybe even my best time yet! Not to mention a girl literally caught on fire at the party- CANDLES REALLY DO THAT?!?! Overall, fabulous MLK/birthday. 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Its OK Friday

-Its OK if you stay in bed all morning because you can, so you do. (sometimes being a little un-productive is the best kind of productive!)

-Its OK to read the Horoscope part of a magazine a think to oneself, "Self, like ZOMG! this is actually scarily true..." but then laugh and toss the magazine anyway.

-Its OK if you still look back in life and wish your mom had made you stay in ballet, because you TOTALLY would have been famous if you did...I mean, RIGHT?? Just saying.

Getting ready for this long holiday weekend I just would like everyone to know, IT IS MY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND. So I am now entering my prime, or I guess pre-prime? If 30's is the prime of your life, I guess 20's is the pre-teen to the 30's teen? Annnywho, I will be leaving the follies of my youth...still haven't decided if I should boohoo or hoorah! But I promise I will have many a pic to celebrate with anyone who wants my coming of pre-prime age. Stay tuned, listeners. AND have a super savage Friday!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Dance all weekend. Pie on Sunday.

This weekend, I became the original dancing machine. I danced literally all friday night and then again all saturday. I guess thats how we roll in Provo, but really my obsession with dancing is a true-blue LOVE/LOVE relationship. The minute a song comes on you will not see my feet stop moving till the police shut off the music...which they did. OH and I need my space. When I plan to boogie, I need the room to really wiggle around, which can be quite entertaining to some, because I don't even bother dancing with other people, just me, myself and I. Man, I really like to dance.

Then on Sunday, me and the new roomies made a homemade apple pie. Then just to be all the more better in our Domestic Goddessness, we invited a whole apartment of boys from our building to join. It was a success, and ended with the tin literally licked clean and giggles all around. Thank goodness for PIE! thats all I gotta say!

Find the recipe here! HEY! GREAT PIE!!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tune-age Thursday

Oldies, but goodies (in the form of tune-age). The weather today in Prozovo was purely lovely. As I walked around BYU campus soaking in the clean sunlight I let these two songs take me away. They are somewhat melancholic in nature, but the songs just made me reflect on life and how grateful I am to be in the place I am today. Today is one of those days where the "gentle mercies" bring me to my knees in gratitude. Life is challenging, and we are forced to face the things we fear the most, but then when the bad times pass, the sweet moments seem even sweeter...even if it is just feeling the sun kiss my face and smiling because I am alive and well.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First Day of School...KEWL!!

Good Morning!!! I woke up for a brisk 22 degree run in an effort to keep my New Year's Resolution to exercise before I start my day...it actually felt really good! Besides that fact that I thought by the end I would be coughing up blood from my lungs hurting so much..SHESH! Today, am I excited for this winter semester to start, I am excited for the two brand new, absolutely lovely roomies that just moved into my humble abode. All in all, I am just excited! You should be too!

Alright let me break down the first day of school outfit:

Dark blue skinny jeans
Button up ruffle top (grey)
Taupe combat boots with trim
la parte piu bella (most beautiful part) my new maroon, grey, and camel poncho sweater

And this is what I listened to as I primped this morning!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, Same Me.


I had a lovely New Year's Eve with lots of dancing and lots of giggles. But now that I am at home in my fuzzy robe and striped socks, it's time for me to really start thinking about New Year's resolutions. I have a couple in mind, but I also want to find a way to make sure I follow through.

Resolution 1: Keep a journal. I am realizing the older I get, the more important it becomes to keep track of my life, to see how I am changing and see my world through my experiences. Plus, writing in a Journal is like free therapy!

Resolution 2: Take more pictures. I have always been the awkward person with the camera that never actually takes pictures myself. I am thinking about going full out and getting a fun camera and keep a photo journal of my life. Or maybe just be more handy-dandy with my iphone and whip that bad boy out more often. I guess I shouldn't have the "I feel so obnoxious and obtrusive with my camera" phobia anymore.

Resolution 3: Be an early-morning worker-outer. I always say I am going to jump start my days with a brisk run, but then it hits the morning and I am most easily persuaded to just stay in bed and run later. But in 2012 I will start my day with endorphins, NOT end it. Which I guess leads to Resolution 3 1/2: Get more sleep, like I would love 9-8 hours every night, this will probably assist in resolution 3.

Best of luck in your 2012 pursuits! In a time of reflection, here are some of my fun memories from 2011 in picture form: