Saturday, March 31, 2012

We went to the Great Salt Lake, and ate some waffles.

Has anyone just gone to a city to explore it? One of favorite cities to explore has to be Salt Lake City. The architecture downtown is a mix of everything and you can literally list the time periods and style f each building you pass, it is stunning. Also, the brand new outdoor mall, City Creek just opened up, so naturally I had to go check it out and drag some peeps with me. Here is the sequence of our night in the Great valley: (ps these are not in chronological order of the night)

Here be E and C at the new City Creeeeak! Its fancy. 

There are even escalators there!

This would be right outside the best waffle place in Utah, Bruges. Obviously we though we were models.

Here is what we call "Tony Little Gazelling", just a lil'love train on the way to the trolley!

Annnnd the Trolley! I love public transportation, just sayin.

Chillen on the Trolley

I am telling you this mall is fancy!

And they even have these live models! I am serious guys, this Mall is FANCY!

Then we got thirsty, so we got some refreshments...mine tasted like chemicals...but check out the fancy cherry!

Then we arrived at Hatch Family Chocolates (you guys, its a "little people" chocolate factory!!!)

Then we head to the Capital! or Capitol? Here is probably my favorite picture of E and myself ever. Kittens for life. 

Oh did I mention we started taking fake engagements? Yeah, that happened. 

or that Graham loves me?

Also, we crashed a prom there. All dem teens were dressed a little scandy I must say. 

Must I say how awesome this view was. Top night!

Jimbo and E attempting to get married!

Wow, This is what it would look like if Jimbo Slice and I got married. 

Gramyon, it was friends at first sight. 

Then I pulled out a little JT (James Taylor) and we started to dance on the steps. 

Jimbo showed us all up.

Then I became an alien/Greek statue. Its Fine. 

"We are from SPACE!"- Gramyon

Oh the engagements, too much something...probably fun. 

This is when I put on my watermelon Lip Smackers and tried to temp Graham with my 7th grade hotness, he spurned my advances obviously.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I must LEARN this:

OK, I was doing my usually morning blog reading and my first stop as always, TBD. Right now at this very moment they have a video on the perfect metallic eye. I am in love, must know how to do the metallic eye and must find an occasion to use it for. For all y'all ladies out there- watch it, learn it, do it.

TDB Metallic Eye

Also I saw the Hunger Games...only half died. It was great, and violent and yeah, proud I made it through! I hate blood, guts and violence soo yeah, this was a landmark in my life.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Its Tuesday friends, and I am feeling a little free! I am mean fancy and free! aka, I am free momentarily from school work, I just had 3 midterms and a HUGE paper due in modern art so now I am feeling pretty good to take a little rest. Let me share some of my favorite images with you right now though:

This is probably my favorite art piece I have right now, its called "the birthday kiss" by Marc Chagall and it is just beautiful in all its Proto-Surrealism as I like to call it. This artist was a Russian painter from the turn of the century. Luckily he made it out to Paris before all the Communism stuffs about restricting the arts, cause now I have this lovely piece to lighten my mood and make me happy. Speaking of surrealism though, this piece below is awesome too! I would love to wake up to this image outside my window by Magritte:

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hare Kirshna! or Festival of Colors

So, this is probably the best part of being in Utah for winter semester. Its this little hindu festival called Hare Kirshna. Its basically a bunch of Mormons from BYU pretending to celebrate some Hindu god being summed to dance on our tongues or something. Well I am all for dancing people on my tongue, and chalk up my nose to make extra creepy troll-snot when I sneeze. But this year the weather was lovely, and the people where extra generous with the chalk. I had fun dancing around doing my signature "chicky-wing" dance with my "wobble-leg" moves and had a grand ole time. Probably my favorite part was when a friend put me on his shoulders so I could see all the freaks getting ready to chalk the world with Hare Kirshna. Not to mention there was an old, white dude with Anakin Skywalker hair and yoga pants...eeek. Here are some pics from the day of chalk and trollin.