Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I take REALLY great photos

Here's a little "funny" for you, I am sure many of you take some photos you would rather just throw away. Many of you, I am sure, purposefully take goofy pictures of yourself for the sake of comedy. But here's the thing with me, I take really awkward pictures just being myself. In other words, the photos I am about to display are living proof of my ability to look like a human-turtle, or a completely strung-out loser, or just really uncomfortable. Overall, this is for all you weirdos* out there who can't seem to function as a real human being (*me).

To my soul-sistas and soul-brothas:

Monday, August 13, 2012

I forgot I go to school

So, I have a week left before I head back up to P-town. And I feel like I am stuck in limbo land of doing absolutely nothing and feeling antsy to have a life again. I am not going to lie, having this month of hiatus after Europe was a dream come true, but I woke up this morning and realized: I forgot I go to school. Do I even remember how to write a paper? Do I remember how to take an exam? Its been almost 4 months and MAN, I am rusty. So yeah, I guess I should try and remember how I go to school.

I think it goes something like this.....

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy World Cat Day

Its reallllly hot down here this week. I have been spending the majority of my times eating otter pops and trying to cool down in dark corners of my house. I finally was able to convince my mom to turn on the air conditioning yesterday...lets just say everyone in the Heathcote house suddenly got to be in a better mood.

Some really awesome things have been happening too:

-I am training for a half-marathon in the fall. (guys, this is a big deal because I DO NOT run.)
-My sister's wedding-planning has been coming along splendidly
-I found this new shaved ice place called Mochilato that is making me feel 120% better about my position in life.
-I found out today that I got a JOB on BYU CAMPUS! This is a "Christmas miracle", truly, and now I will be a TA for an art history class starting this fall. I am feeling really great about this.
-Lastly, It's World Cat Day. What more could a person ask for in life????? Seriously.