Friday, June 29, 2012

Bonjour Paris.

I am in Paris, well actually, I am currently staying in a very half scary/half clean hostel-hotel hybrid by the airport because BYU are a bunch of ninnypinnies who can't seem to pay a bill for our hotel in Paris and now we are stuck out in the airport. K? Aight, so Paris is slowly warming up to me. I love being not in the city. Today we went out to Chartres Cathedral where I had the most delicious almond tart. WOW. And the cathedral was incredible and a massive feat of man. But mostly, I like leaving the city because I like trains. Yes, trains. But here are some of the shots of Paris I have so far. I do love the Latin quarter, mostly because I had BOMB gyros there tonight for cheap! Yeah!!! For food!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dasss Paaaty Rock Ansssvem!

Let me sprinkle upon you my thoughts of Vienna. It was truly an on-again/off-again relationship. Sometimes I loved Austria, and parts of Vienna! But then sometimes I felt like I was in a German speaking, Las Vegas strip type of town. I guess the trick with Vienna, is to always look up, because the buildings above the shop levels are astoundingly beautiful. Also, any of the people outside of the main city stretch, are amazingly happy, kind and generous. I have some great memories from riding the trains and listening to creepy, Austrian men singing "boyfriend" in their very HEAVY German accents... Aka "swagger" turned into "Das Svwaag". And all of the gardens from palaces where awesome and fancy. But I learned a lot about Austria while I was here, mostly how to fake a really rad accent.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

"give the guy a glass of Melk!!"

I am in Austria! That enough is making me feel a little better about smelling like a cross between: smoke, baby powder, sweat and hotels. Today we went to Melk. It was the most BEAUTIFUL place I have ever been too! And after my very bumpy and very sickening ride over to Austria, Melk was a welcome sight of green forests, tiny streets with mountain flowers and the Danube. I will always think of Melk, and think of the most peaceful place on earth. Not to mention, my German accent is realllllly coming along nicely...and I am slightly obnoxious about it and all the "wieners" I am dropping around here.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I love London, please don't make me leave

I love love love London! Her are some things:
I ate at this crepe place in Hampstead 3 times.
I am seeing amazing art.
I saw Danny DeVito last night after I play I saw called "The Sunshine Boys"
I am going to Kings College for my graduate studies.

In other words, I leave for Vienna tomorrow and want to cry for London! I love it too much. It's a scary, fan-girl type thing.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I am not marginalized

Ok, I think I should always do school in London. I would love to wake up everyday knowing I love the place I am in and the people I am around...sorry BYU, you are really just not cutting it. Yesterday we went to a sermon at Saint Paul's cathedral and I just giggled the whole time at them saying "for those of us who feel marginalized, God will justify us!" so if I ever feel marginalized again...I am going to say it like that. And the art I am I found out I am one of those scary "art people" that cry I front of paintings... Yesterday I saw a sketch by Seurat of a woman just emerging out of a dark shadow and I seriously stood there for 20 minutes just marveling at it. Sooo, yeah, there you go.