Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Un-Incorporated Santa Ana

Soooo, unfortunately finals got the best of me and before I knew it, I was frantically packing up and shipping out of good ole' Provo and now I am home in Orange County, California. My thoughts upon leaving Utah were:

Man, I didn't even get to snow-shoe before I left

Wow, I am so glad to be outta that "hell-hole"

Shoot, what do I want to get from McDonalds for breakfast.

Then when I got home, my first thought were:

Man, I didn't even get to snow-shoe before I left

Wow, I really miss my bike the Free Spirit.

Shoot, I need to hit the beach

Anyway, I have some BIG plans being home for the next little while. Before I head out to Europe I plan to learn how to Cross-Stich and snuggle with my cat. Don't worry, my mama and I have already watched season one and half of season two of Downton Abbey in the past 3 days...and I have started wearing the same outfit for like 2-3 days at a time so I don't have to fold it up or wash it...SHH! People here still think I have good taste! Anywho, I am also learning some new songs on the guitar (as one could tell I am not exactly a social butterfly in Santa Ana). In case anyone was wondering, I have bought in on the fetish people have with Lana Del Ray, and NO, I am not apologizing for it. Listen here friends:


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Promise of Outfits' Future

Let me share a lil secret with y'all (here is one bonus secret, I am self conscious about using the word "y'all"), anyway back to the real secret. I really want to be part of that elite group of ladies known as MORMON FASHION BLOGGERS. I gotta make it! How do I make it? Ok, maybe I should start posting some outfits to claim my stake in this ring of modest fashionistas. SO this is my promise starting today, or maybe in the near future, I will post pictures, in fact, Emily just received a new beautiful, fancy-people camera for her birthday...soo I think we will take some outfit pictures soon. In the mean time, I promise that I dress cute, well at least thats what peeps at school tell me. But look forward to my initiation into the world of picture posting, hopefully I do not look too much like a tranny. Here is my most recent, favorite outfit combination: Skirt, Graphic-T, Belt, Scarf and Sandals (I understand this is a photo repeat, sorry y'all!!)

Then for funzies I thought I would you guys do a little comparison of my face post Hare Kirshna Festival 2011 and 2012. Which do you think is more intense? Or which do you like better? 



Monday, April 2, 2012

Grandparents were once young too

So on Sunday aka yesterday, my family started going through these online albums of my Dad's family. There were some seriously awesome pictures, but two stood out as my most absolute favorite pictures of my family I have see. My Grandpa Heathcote was a tall, lanky, glasses wearing, GINGER from Utah who married this beautiful, dark beauty from Mesa Arizona, my Grandma Willa Lucille. Just so you all understand who amazing my Grandparents are, Check it Out:

Here are Ken and Willa at Santa Monica Pier, 1951. I die at this picture, who knew they were so stylish and fashion forward? This picture will no doubt hang in my home no matter where I roam. 

This is my G, he is the ultimate hipster, even before there where hipsters. This was Christmas Morning 1968, It is just such a great photo also aesthetically.
All in all, I am glad to be the descendant of my family. I am glad that I had grandparents who found each other and love each other. I am glad my parents found each other and raised me. And I am glad to be a descendant of the original, ginger hipster.