Friday, December 30, 2011

Its OK Friday

Its ok if you decide your breakfast is a few choice morsels from a See's Candy box

Its OK if you are more closely following the life of your celebrity crushes than yourself (Zooey, what I would give to be you...yikes)

Its ok if you think that an extreme diet will change your life for the better, and then never actually follow through...just think about that diet. 

"BRB BLACKOUT RAGE" -emily culp

In other news...I heard this terrible story yesterday from a family friend. Ok, alright, I will admit, I was shamelessly listening to some gossip about a person I have never in my life meet before! But apparently this girl, goes to or went to BYU. So, this girl I heard about has this motto in which she says she will never wear the same thing twice...AND SHE REALLY DOESN'T. But don't worry, she has started a business in which she will sell her used only once articles of clothing to the her "very fortunate" group of friends...EEEEEEK! blah, blek, urrgh, uuuck, gross, barf, EWW! I am sorry, but honestly, what is wrong with wearing the same thing twice? Isn't a little premature to toss something to the side after a single event?? I am mean, I am all for friends exchanging clothes! But then making a business out of your greedy habits and its so wasteful! Isn't there starving children around the world to feed...There is a word we use in art history to describe this type of behavior, it is called AVARICE (extreme greed for material goods to the point of excess, or public and blunt display of wealth in material objects). And according to Bosch it is punishable by this:

Anyway, sorry for the momentary blackout rage...I promise not a ton of things bother me, but this really hit the spot! Tomorrow is New Year's Eve! Hope you all look you holiday best and get all your kisses and wishes! Keep in touch. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A New Year's "Faux Pas"??

So here is the dress, also my bellisma sister Jenny (the very cute brunette).
Ok, so dear very near to me reader...or not so near to me. I am strongly considering a fashion faux pas for this New Year's Eve festivities: I am strongly  considering an outfit repeat. I KNOW! but I cannot help but feel the exhaustion from all my holiday mega-deal-searching-shopping. Ok so maybe some new accessories and my new hair-do will succeed in masking the oldie but goodie dress? I could brave the mall one more time I suppose...for fashion's sake, but I am determined to stick to my domestic diva roots and forge a completely new outfit out of last-years New Year's dress. So far my choices to revamp go as follows: gold belted waist? chunky/funky necklace? sequin cardigan? or maybe even try the faux-fur vest? I will keep you posted when the night arrives!

PS If you are looking for some New Year's refinement and smoky eyes check out this tutorial: Glitz!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holiday Season & Introductions

Hello, World-Wide-Web, Starting this new blog is kind of like turning over a new leaf, the leaf of spreading my "Christyness" to all who are silly enough to stumble across this. BUT, incase you were wondering... my holiday was quiet lovely. My family sent out our Christmas cards, we shopped even more Christmas sales and then sat and ate all weekend. We had Christmas like every year, at my G-Sauce's house up in Santa Barbara. Some Highlights: My little Brother "breaking wind" in my Grandpa's candle-light church service (really blue-flaming Christmas), my G-pa giving me a car safety kit for my trunk (thanks a heap G), my Uncle T wearing gold stretchy pants all Christmas day in Packer-Pride (and he has a bit to stretch around!). Anyway, more to come, more to come. Keep in Touch.

PS: Here of some of the Heathcote Family Christmas pics. Enjoy the sibblings!