Sunday, May 27, 2012

Weddings Galore and Friends for Life

Hey summer friends, guess what comes with summer and being considered a "young adult" (ps I strongly dislike that term, and most times when I hear it or say it crinkle my nose just a bit)?? WEDDINGS. Oh so many weddings.

However, this past weekend I went to a wedding with my mama for a childhood friend's sister. Basically it was my friend DD's sister Marla, who for the entire sum of my childhood referred to her as MARLASOARUS. In conclusion, that means I was able to see my other childhood friend Cassie who is more like family now after knowing her for 15 years now. Cass and I tore up that dance floor and I am sure made many a person feel discomfort at our passion for dancing. But we didn't care and left that place a sweaty mess, we were hot and dangerous in all our glorious moves dating back to the 7th grade "booty-pop" that slayed many a boy at the Mormon dances across Orange County. Here are some pics from the night:

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Peach Hair; Don't Care!

It WORKED! The ends of my hair are a pretty shade of Feminine Peach...thanks to good ole' Kool-Aid. This is how I did it: I used conditioner (white, no color) then added an entire package of Pink Lemonade Kool-Aid, and then some splashes of Lemonade and Peach/Mango Kool-Aid. I just painted the end of my pony tail in the very scary looking neon conditioner paste, then wrapped for about 3 hours in plastic-wrap, then washed out with just water annnnndddd.......VIOLA!

Also, my mom and I have been pretty crafty with these Pintrest bracelets we made! They are awesome. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I other news PEACH!

Hey long lost friends...hey pals! Remember me? Because I certainly do not. Anywho, I have not been the trendiest, or the most progressive blogger as of late because I have been sucked into the time-warp that is home. I have no time for trendy things such as blogging, fashion or maybe even...FRIENDS because I have been living the life of an 80-year-old woman. It is all consuming: I crochet, I cross-stitch, I eat dinner at 4 pm, I go for morning walks and I watch episodes of Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Doug and The Wild Thornberries. Whats that you say? that last bit was not like the rest, well if it makes you feel better I am now starting a small PenPal hobby and only communicating with some of my friends through the post. Thats right, I AM POSTING LETTERS AND SMALL MEMENTOS, if you want in on some of this action..let me know aight?

In more recently news, as in news happening as I type, I am dying the ends of my hair peach, with Kool-Aid. This is how I am trying to inject some of my youth into my rapidly, exponentially aging self. But before you scoff at me in all my efforts to remain young...check out these pics from the internet I scored while convincing myself "I can dye my hair peach, it wont interfere with my stitching time."

Now, I realize I cannot pose like a strung out, slack-jawed, orphan all the time, but this pastel hair is pretty darling. Hopefully it turns out...and hopefully it does not only last for 2-3 days...

And also some left overs from the Texas wedding from Emily's camera

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I make a terrible Bridesmaid

We went to Texas Y'all! And it was grreat. And also, hotter then the devil's armpit. Emily and I were bridesmaids in our one and only Texan's wedding. The wedding was so beautiful in San Antonio, Texas and we had some fun poking around Austin, Texas too. Here are a few choice morsels from the event. Or as I like to title it: "Kittens on Parade"-

Favorite Picture of the group, this is the Kitten pose y'all, enjoy it!

Yeah, sorry, I just had too do it...