Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What is wintumn?

Last weekend, we experienced a season know as Wintumn- aka autumn mixed with winter. Provo was on it closing leg of autumn when all of the sudden, A GIANT SNOW STORM CAME. I am trying to not be dramatic here, but it snowed so much. It started to snow friday morning and did not let up until saturday day really. But it was so beautiful, the white snow was so soft and made looking around outside like you were holding up a piece of perfectly, white lace to your eyes, and then seeing the world around you. The snow dizzily blew around and quietly piled-up on cars, trees, and sidewalks.

It was the perfect weather for Emily and I's concert we held at the Lion House last friday night. We called it "Cider for your Soul" and had our friends play acoustic music while other friends passed the snowy night in the company of good tunes and warm juice. AND Em-bot and I debuted our new folksy-singin duo, "Feline Fine"...merry meow!

Then the next day, after all our wintumn singing. We went out to explore our newly coated Provo, and it did not let us down. Snow mixed with fiery, autumn, leaves...I love trees, but fall trees with fresh snow...I am obsessed.

So, Happy Wintumn all.

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