Sunday, November 4, 2012


Thanksgiving is becoming more and more each year my favorite holiday. I remember when I was little not thinking too much about Thanksgiving, I just thought of it as a speed-bump on my way to Christmas...let's be real. But I am so delighted that Thanksgiving is becoming my favorite holiday more and more. Since I have moved away from home, I realized how important gratitude is. It is an attribute that no matter what point you are at in your life, it makes you feel better, lighter and happier. I have found that in times of trouble or stress or even happiness, listing the things I am grateful for, only makes me feel better. And I am not going to lie to you all when I say I love feeling grateful, and I am fully accepting of how sappy that is. Thanksgiving is awesome, it just incorporates everything I love in life: family, gratitude, home, food, fall and just love of life.

So right now I am grateful for:
-My really awesome campus and for my education opportunities (and my new jean jacket)
-My parents who I love so much, I seriously think they are the coolest peeps around and I am not embarrassed at all about it.
-My little brother's mustache, and all it's glory.

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