Thursday, September 27, 2012

Some food for thought

People like her, this is why I know The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints is true. We have the ability to become wonderful people; and even when the world seems to have lost any goodness, or mercy, kindness, I am reminded of people like Cecile. She is a tangible, real and indisputable manifestation of love. It is a kind of love that is contagious and spreads like warm sunlight everywhere, it is the kind of love only the Savior can give.

I have not been one to publicly preach, or even be very open with my religious views because I don't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable or politically strained. But, I feel so strongly that my religion, is not about pointing out the flaws in other people, or what they need to change. Rather, my religion is about finding solitude when peace feels so obsolete. My religion is about searching for light and beauty where pessimism rules supreme. My religion is about teaching me how to gain pure, unadulterated love even with all my faults and doubts.

I want people to know, that even when I am not vocalizing it, I know that God exists. I know He is kind, and good, and loving. I know that even when I feel completely isolated and downtrodden by the condition of some of my fellow men on this earth- He will heal my heart, and He will heal theirs too. I love this little piece of truth that God had allowed me to keep bound in my heart, and I cling to it with all that I have.

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